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I woke under bright lights, that is my head woke. I was laying flat on a bed and I was terrified. I have never been a strong person and now I tried to wretch, but nothing came up. The worse part is that there was no pain.

“What is it trying to do?” A male voice somewhere out of my sight sounded amused.

I mouthed words, but there was no sound. Am I now paralyzed?

“All right, Agent Hugh. I’m unblocking the torso from the neck up. Get on with it.” Another voice came from behind me, this one low and disdainful.

“What is your name?” The amused voice asked.

“Huh. They don’t have names,” the other boomed incredulously.

“No. She has a name. I think someone real is in there.”

“I’m in here, somewhere…” I whispered. “But I have to know, did I hurt anyone?”

“You pile of crap!” The back voice, again.

The amused agent appeared in front of me. He was relatively young but already had the build and hardness of someone who was used to being obeyed. I knew the look of such men. Even their lips would hold a metallic and bitter tincture, like Answor. My heart fell. He looked into my eyes and his glittered intensely. “Why do you ask?”

I felt like crying. “I didn’t want to hurt anyone! Believe me!”

“Your name?”

“Gratia?” I mumbled. I was supposed to be dead from the guards. Now what would Answor do? Someone will come to kill me. In this paralyzed state, I wouldn’t be able to do much fighting back. There was something here in my mind, there was something I was supposed to say but I felt very ill. Why can’t I think clearly?

“You are Gratia Collins, the Replicate Transfer Geneticist that disappeared two weeks ago.”

I stared at him as I tried to connect with some memory of that kind of work.

“Gratia, I need to ask you some questions.”

Duplexity final

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