Ellipsus Station


Letter VertAbove the chaos and the screams, the sound of a woman’s voice repeated soothingly, “Ellipsus is locked down for your safety. Please stay in your hotel room with the door closed. Thank you for your cooperation.

A WORLD IN ITSELF. The enormous Ellipsus transfer space station is filled with glittering casinos, shopping districts, and resorts; drawing eccentrics and strange peoples from every part of the oppressive medieval empire. It’s a reckless and volatile mix of exploration and research teams placed alongside massive cargo ships and tourist liners.

A TERRIFYING HIDDEN MENACE. When a deadly alien parasite on route to the fighting rings escapes into a victim, the exponentially multiplying and growing threat forces the station into a lockdown. Tourists, heroes, and those with deadly secrets of their own, band together in the overpowering invasion to fight for their lives—even as a backwards savant controlling an armada of battleships races to blow up the station so it can not spread to other worlds.

NOW THE SITUATION IS HOPELESS. And yet, the direst of times will push those trapped inside towards paths of greatness that will challenge the brutality of the Tezzerachy empire, itself. The ordeal refines them all, for better or worse—up to the surprising climax.

“Ellipsus Station” is the first novel of the Medieval Science Fiction Series: “Manuscript of the Persistor” written by K. Paul Thompson. It can be read as a stand-alone novel.

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