Big Giveaway on Amazon!

It’s time to promote my stuff BIG TIME, which I do every year in spring! Almost everything is free during Saturdays and on Memorial Day.

DUPLEXITY will be free to download on May 27, and 29, June 3, 10, and 17, 2017. This is a quick read, I think most people will be able to read it in an hour.

ELLIPSUS STATION will be free to download on May 27 through the 29, and June 3 and 4, 2017.

POTHLIMAN, EMPIRE OF MONSTERS will be free to download on May 27, and 29, June 3, 10, and 17.

Why am I doing this? Because I am hoping that YOU—yes I’m looking at YOU—will write a review on any of these. Oh yes, most important, that YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME and have fun reading them.

Happy summer reading!

Introducing: a new book, a new book, a new book, a new book (oh no!)

Duplexity type sm

I staggered into the front doors of the sunlit lobby, shoving aside an old woman who’s waxy crayon makeup had jumped the creases on her wasted face. She cursed at me—I don’t think she was conscious of it—then pulled away in fear as I pulled up the front of my shirt, showing the tubes going into my abdomen.

“I have a bomb!” I tried to shout, but my cavity was filled with explosives and I couldn’t pull a deep breath. The sound was sucked from me into the din of the Stanton-Tailor Foundation’s enormous atrium where I worked.

“Look!” the old woman screamed as shrilly as a siren. “One of those things has a bomb!” God bless her. She ran for the back, knocking into the line of weary people waiting for their seats. Her panic broke their lethargy and they began to rebound against each other towards the dark exits like bumper pool balls.

I tried to look ferocious as I waited at the front to herd people away from the door. Good! Please, please go away from me.

Cover art sm

In a future not far from ours, there are two kinds of replicates:

“Generic Replicates made from blanks and Custom Replicates that need government approval to take the DNA from the dying to grow over a blank base. The frame is a better grade, but still the features of a blank and that’s why their faces never look exactly the same.”

“Yeah, even with plastic surgery and makeup; they still have that flat profile. I can always tell.”

“The new Chimera Replicates are not blanks: they are based on targeted DNA from twelve different animals mixed with man and grown from a fertilized egg, more like clones. Their minds can be eliminated at a whim. They have no rights and they are caged like animals. Their lifespans are kept very short: they die before they know to educate themselves, form connections, or take a stand for things to be better.Doctor Tailor has made them for no good purpose.”

“OK, so an insane doctor is planning to take over the world?” This was becoming the creepiest case Hugh had ever worked. And in the FIIST, he had worked a lot of them.

The big hulk almost smiled as he rose to his feet. “No. He will sell them like cattle so that others can take over the world. What he wants is for all to come and worship him. Let’s check on the size of his congregation.”

DUPLEXITY is available now in the Amazon Kindle Store.

Free and free! Big giveaway every Saturday in October.

Both Ellipsus Station and Pothliman, Empire of Monsters will be FREE to download from Amazon each and every Saturday in October. THAT should keep the world out of trouble for a while!

Both accounts take place in the vast Tezzerachy of innumerable solar systems forced together by a brutal conqueror where guild families of unimaginable power and decadence form secret alliances against each other for their own gain.

Read how the loving Misra Arthropod family came to be on Ellipsus before the teenaged hatchlings are thrust into danger on the planet of Pothliman. Enter into the pristine white confessionals of the lethal Poison Guild, the Detra, before two of the brothers are forced out of their sheltered world and find a universe more frightening than an engineered genome.

Meet Jenni, a Journeyman Thief of the Pirate Guild who steals from the Detra before she is given over to be killed—but could be the epicenter that will shake the length of the empire. Then there is the bumbling Miciah, and Keddy, his young sage who is called to become a great warrior and a fleeing princess who is forced to put her hope in a lowly, runaway slave. Everyone must pick a side to survive. When faced with impossible odds, what difference can one person make?

Perhaps a lot.

And outside it all, an evil beyond all understanding is gathering to invade and obliterate all life. It might be that the horrendous infestation of Ellipsus station may have been the best thing that could have ever happened to them!

I rate these books as PG-13 as to language and situations. Not for young kids, but I don’t go into the really dark places …just wanted you to know. I hope you have a happy fall. -KPT


The station’s polar orbit.

Letter Vert

Ellipsus station has an unusual orbit that drops close to the Agran space elevator than swings up to the shipping lanes. The elevator is old technology—directly not a real money-maker for the planet—even when you add in the resort and the transfer parties dancing halfway down to the Mid-transfer Station in the empty cars (and who sleep it off packed like sardines on the way back up). But the resort and elevator are lovingly maintained, courtesy of the bribes given by the Red Guild (pirates) who secretly control the station to the Agran politicians.

The pirates know that the elevator keeps tourists on the station four times longer than a normal resupply R&R transfer, and every extra hour means more money for them. So most travel packages last for the full orbit. The tourists transfer from their cruise ships into the elegant resorts on the station, alternating their visits from the casinos on the pleasure floors, to the pools, shops, and bright plazas on the sun side.

The universe as they know it.

Universe of Elipsus copy

The universe, showing some of the main points of interest. The Blueheart is named after the bright blue pulsar in the middle of the galaxy. FYI, there are three stars that triangulate travel and regulate time for the whole Tezzerachy: the Blueheart Pulsar, a star in the Moran Galaxy, and one towards the end of the Arm.

The station is by Agran, a planet totally dedicated to agriculture. Of course, nothing can go wrong there, as every part of the system is carefully monitored to ensure the biosphere’s health.

The Station

station color2

The view approaching the station; a once-grand accomplishment that is now so covered with tacky neon advertising that the structure looks like a sideshow.

Note the strings extending out for the ships to dock on. At the time of the story, there was berth space for 540 ships including big tourist liners, tiny mom and pop ships, and commercial transports. As the strings are modular, they are always being lengthened. The idea is that the more that dock—the more you pack in and the more money is made. I suppose it’s like adding more hotel rooms in Vegas, it’s always a win-win, right?