I trashed my site

Hi sweeties,

I wanted to let those that followed me over the last four years know of my utter gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. For the few that bought my first book, and the one that bought my second book, I hope you understand that I can’t finish the trilogy for financial reasons. The third and final book was pretty well worked out on an epic scale. All I can say is most everyone was going to end happily. I hope that is a comfort.

I am a lousy self-promoter. I am of the generation that just can’t push my books on my friends. I give them away to my friends. I can’t afford promotion or an editor. I have tried designing t-shirts—haven’t found the right niche yet. I don’t know what to do with my painting; I am very slow and meticulous, so there is no way to make a living doing that! I am really quite a mess. And now I find I am an over-the-hill mess after my last couple of birthdays. I seem to have become superfluous, which is a shock. Young kids, be warned—it happens quicker than you think. So there it is.

But it is all better than I deserve. Think of those in Texas and Florida who have lost so much. Lord, I wish I could help! Henceforth, you will find me cheerfully baking cookies or delivering pizzas!

Best wishes to you all, -K. Paul Thompson (Kat)

P.S. The books will have to run out their Kindle contracts before they can be taken down, so they will appear for a few weeks longer.