Pothliman, Empire of Monsters


pothliman page CROPPEDHe shrugged. “I must confess, I do not know how you are so confident that the Zeramon will pick me. She seems delighted to discourage and provoke me. All appears lost.”

“Darling! Aein’s feelings count for nothing. That is why I called for you.” Hezbeth pulled at a delicate chain around her neck, and produced a jeweled amulet from between her withered breasts. She unfastened it with her claw-like hands, gave it to him, then sat back with a smirk.

“What would you have me do?” he asked excitedly.

THE PLANET OF POTHLIMAN: A glittering capital ruled by an evil tyrant dominating hundreds of conquered and ill-used worlds.

A PLANET OF SLAVES: Strange creatures ripped from their home worlds are forced into the arenas of death for the entertainment of the affluent. But the royal family reaps their own evil rewards, as a young princess flees from a deadly union and an evil matriarch makes a murderous grab for power

BENEATH POTHLIMAN’S IRON GRIP: One by one, odd individuals begin to loosen the empire’s hold. A sage refuses to give up on his arthropod hatchlings; a girl trained under two equally lethal vocations finds her mastery; and warriors choose to stand up rather than kneel in submission. Courage rises–even while unstoppable alien forces gather in the darkness beyond to invade.

“Pothliman, Empire of Monsters” is the second novel of the Medieval Science Fiction Series: “Manuscript of the Persistor” written by K. Paul Thompson. It can be read as a stand-alone novel

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